Ely Internal Drainage Boards

Ely Group of Internal Drainage Boards

The Drainage Office, Main St, PRICKWILLOW, Nr Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4UN

Old West Works Programme

The maintenance programme for the coming season 2022/23 is as follows:

Drain No.DrainLength
OW20Soak Dyke25.0
OW21Soak Dyke100.0
OW30Gilbert Dyke41.0
OW31Cottenham Drain880.0
OW32Meadow Road/Priest Lane44.0
OW33Soak Dyke48.0
OW34Causeway Drain81.0
OW35Smithy Fen Engine Drain180.0
OW36Right Wing Drain52.0
OW36Soak Dyke66.0
OW41Hempsalls Drain113.0
OW42The Irams60.0
OW43Burgess Drain106.0
TOTAL1,796ch (35.97km)