Ely Internal Drainage Boards

Ely Group of Internal Drainage Boards

The Drainage Office, Main St, PRICKWILLOW, Nr Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4UN

Padnal & Waterden Works Programme

The maintenance programme for 2019/20 is as follows:-

Maintenance Works

Drain No.DrainLength
P02Peppers Lot/Furthermoors111.0
P03Townlands/Gull Dyke75.0
P23Clayway Catchwater (Thistle Corner to Kettlesworth Catchwater)90.0
TOTAL276.0ch (5.52km)


Drain No.DrainLength
P01Littleport No. 2 Pump Drain5.0
P04Lots Drain/Bells Ditch146.0
P05Upper Padnal Main Engine Drain77.0
P06Commonlands/Second Drove94.5
P07Third Drove Spur18.5
P08Branch Drain70.5
P09Siding Drain18.0
P10Trinity Ditch67.0
P11Police Ditch24.0
P12Fourscore Drain111.5
P13Fourscore Spur12.5
P14Dairy Farm Spur11.5
P15Waterden Main Drain27.0
P16Waterden Spur Drain22.0
P17Tillotson's Ditch12.5
P18Turbutsea Ditch26.5
P19Redmoor Drain73.0
P20Railway Drain115.0
P21Padnal Catchwater77.0
P22Kettlesworth Catchwater108.0
TOTAL1,117.0ch (21.76km)

All works will be carried out in accordance with the Board’s Conservation Statement.