Ely Internal Drainage Boards

Ely Group of Internal Drainage Boards

The Drainage Office, Main St, PRICKWILLOW, Nr Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4UN


Ely Group of Internal Drainage Boards

The Group was formed to take advantage of the cost savings and efficiency improvements that could be made through sharing staff, labour and plant.

Each Board remains its own legal entity making their own policy, taking their own decisions and dealing with their own issues, but because many of the issues and works required are common to all, it is possible to have broadly similar policies so that each District is managed in a similar way.

The Ely Group was formed in 2002 and now consists of the following Boards:-

Burnt Fen IDB
Cawdle Fen IDB
Lakenheath IDB
Littleport & Downham IDB
Middle Fen & Mere IDB
Mildenhall IDB
Old West IDB
Padnal & Waterden IDB
Swaffham IDB
Waterbeach Level IDB

The Boards have shared offices at Prickwillow which are owned by Middle Fen and Mere I.D.B. but the running costs and staff costs are shared on a percentage basis throughout the Group. Plant and labour owned/employed by some of the larger Boards, undertake work in other Districts on a contractor basis as well as in their own District. This labour force is supplemented by outside contractors to ensure that the Group’s overheads are kept to a minimum and our own plant and labour force is fully employed.

Riparian Guidance Public Survey

As part of their Community Flood Action Programme, Cambridgeshire County Council are updating their riparian guidance document to make it more useful for those living next to a watercourse.  As this document is aimed at residents and landowners, they wish to seek their views and get a better understanding of their awareness of riparian issues.  They have therefore prepared a short survey (5 questions) which has been reviewed and approved by their Surveying Analyst Team.

A link to the survey is here: https://forms.office.com/r/5HQbNqGtba